Chook in an eggshell


The idea is simple. We live busy lives. We care about what we eat, what we feed our families, where our food comes from. Food should be delicious, why compromise.

Chook aspires for delicious, responsible food, easy to take home, equally enjoyed in a relaxing and thoughtful environment. An environment where hospitality speaks attention and fun. Food that’s clean, sourced from those that care and respect our land, cooked to the highest ideals. Our guests feel at home, children, families, dates, solo artists. In being a great neighbor.

This is what we do. Delicious. Responsible. Fun.

Why do we do it, you ask Simon?

We aspire for change. For innovation. Collaboration. Equity. Engagement. In the multitude of ways one can make a difference, we’ve found ours through food. Through restaurants. These great halls to gather, to break bread, to honor the past and build for the future.

Our Roots


In 2012, Adam Schlegel lived with his lovely Australian wife and two boys in the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Australia. Many things to love here, but one recurring component, their local neighborhood chicken shop. Every neighborhood in Melbourne has one. Pick up delicious chicken, cooked fresh and nutritiously over charcoal grills, grab tasty salads & sides, and be a hero to your family.

2017, working alongside famed chef Alex Seidel, the idea comes roaring back. For Alex, having built some of the top restaurants in the city/state/country, the excitement stems from creating memorable, delicious food affordable by all, something not just built for special occasions, but for every occasion.

Later that year, Randy Layman, famed barman and hospitality extraordinaire, buys into the idea of building something great, a place to give more than you get, in building teams and communities.

Early 2018, the three take a little jaunt back down to Aus. And from that, a Chook was born.

Adam Schlegel


Adam’s journey to Chook really started with the egg. As co-founder for Snooze Eatery, Adam led the development strategy, along with sustainable and community initiatives. And is still involved. Along with many non-profits, start ups and government orgs working on better agriculture, education and food opportunities. Adam steers story, culture and direction. Email adam@chookchicken.com

Alex Seidel


Alex is a force in the world of farm to food. From winning the James Beard Best Chef SW in 2018, critically acclaimed restaurants Fruition and Mercantile, to starting his own farm and creamery, Alex walks the talk. Obviously, Alex runs food ideation and direction, along with ethics, growth, and so much more. Email alex@alexseidel.com

Randy Layman


Randy brings endless experience in the world of operations, culture, and just happens in being one of the best barman around. Period. Randy directs all day to day goodness for Chook. Email randy@chookchicken.com



We’re hiring to build something special. A place that loves food, fun, community, planets and also pays some good bills! If you’re interested please APPLY HERE!

Our Food Practices

Feel good about food

Over decades of science and practice, several key sustainable farming practices have emerged [Source]. Chook Charcoal Chicken aims to stay sustainable by following these practices and sourcing humanely-raised Colorado chooks. If you have any questions or concerns about the details of our practices, please contact us.

wheel barrel.png

better birds

We went to the farm, walked amongst birds, and are proud to partner with Miller Farms. Our birds are GAP Step 2 Certified


no nonsense goods

Clean labels in every ingredient. Seriously. So no artificial ingredients, no preservatives. From Chook Salt to Soda (our version of soup to nuts).


friends with farmers

We didn’t stop at the chicken farm. From Fruition Farms produce, cheese from the creamery, wine from the vineyard. Did we mention we like our jobs?!


wise rubbish

Food is a full life cycle. In an industry full of rubbish, we’re doing our part to divert from any landfill. We Compost. Recycle. We use recyclable materials.


Everything Matters

What goes into sourcing a plate? A soda? A tomato? Its imperative we know, not just the practice but the people. Every detail has a story, a face, a reason. Look around and ask, we’d love to share!


a brighter future

How do we build for tomorrow? Help farmers, create local poultry industries, develop access and opportunities. Its keeps us awake at night, a good thing, because we’re always working on it.

Community Chest


Com·mu·ni·ty (kəˈmyo͞onədē): a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

We’re fortunate to be here. With you, friend. We share this space, this community, this time in our lives. 

So we’re putting our money where our heart is. 1% of all sales go right back into our community.

How, you may ask? We like to focus on our communities and with our teams. So one week its a % of sales night for the local school, another serving up sliders at Slow Food Nations or the local dog charity run.

The most important way this works? With you! You, friend o’ Chook, care. And if there’s something important to you, chances are, its important to us. So drop a line if you have an idea. While we focus on core issues like Health, Sustainability, Food & Education, we’re happy to talk. Just as easily, tell us next time your in our shop on ways to engage.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” - The Lorax


Frequent Questions We’ve Heard… So Far!


We’re a walk up, counter service kinda joint. As such, everything is first come first serve. Which means… no reservations. So sorry about that. If you know you’re coming in, especially with a big party, feel free to call us and give a heads up, we’ll do our best to get ready for you.

The Booyah Kit & You

A Wisconsin traditional stew, our Booyah Kit pays homage to Chef Alex Seidel’s roots. Yet further, its helping create tomorrows great meal from the leftovers of tonite, good for value, good for environment.

How to make your stew:

1. Heat up chicken stock in a suitable sized pot.

2. Once stock reaches an appropriate temp for delicious soup, add:

- our precooked mixed grains

- our precooked charred mixed vegetables

3. Take your Chook and pull off any last piece of chicken you can! White, dark, skin if you please!

4. If you have Chicken Salt, maybe sprinkle a bit in. Give it a big stir. 

5. Serve and enjoy!

Bob’s your uncle! Which means, you’re all set (yes, more Aussieisms). Enjoy.