Our Food Practices

Feel good about food

Over decades of science and practice, several key sustainable farming practices have emerged [Source]. Chook Charcoal Chicken aims to stay sustainable by following these practices and sourcing humanely-raised Colorado chooks. If you have any questions or concerns about the details of our practices, please contact us.

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better birds

We went to the farm, walked amongst birds, and are proud to partner with Miller Farms. Our birds are GAP Step 2 Certified


no nonsense goods

Clean labels in every ingredient. Seriously. So no artificial ingredients, no preservatives. From Chook Salt to Soda (our version of soup to nuts).


friends with farmers

We didn’t stop at the chicken farm. From Fruition Farms produce, cheese from the creamery, wine from the vineyard. Did we mention we like our jobs?!


wise rubbish

Food is a full life cycle. In an industry full of rubbish, we’re doing our part to divert from any landfill. We Compost. Recycle. We use recyclable materials.


Everything Matters

What goes into sourcing a plate? A soda? A tomato? Its imperative we know, not just the practice but the people. Every detail has a story, a face, a reason. Look around and ask, we’d love to share!


a brighter future

How do we build for tomorrow? Help farmers, create local poultry industries, develop access and opportunities. Its keeps us awake at night, a good thing, because we’re always working on it.